Market Mapping

​Market Mapping

The Market Mapping product at Porterallen is fairly unique in Australia, traditionally only employed by executive search firms and focusing purely on senior talent.  ​​

Our view is if you are looking to effectively “talent map” a product, region or discipline there is significant value in both identifying the key individuals in the sector as well as “emerging talent” and “rising stars”.​​

The team employs dedicated researchers who spend time in the industries they operate in to identify good people and gain candid opinions on specialists in the market.  ​​

Starting with a skeleton overview of the target market, we will spend time discussing particular individuals to formulate a “common denominator” profile including:​​

  • Background 
  • Qualifications 
  • Strengths 
  • Personality 
  • Perceived ability ​

This product works especially well for succession planning, team builds as well as key technical and leadership hires as you can benchmark both your current and potential recruits across a broader population set.​​

This option is available both as a purchase of intellectual property or as part of a broader Executive Search for single or multiple placements.  ​​

Documents have traditionally been anywhere from 15 to 80 pages long, depending on complexity and size of market with profiles of up to 200 individuals per MAP (again dependent on size)