Diversity in the workplace

Australia, along with many countries worldwide, has made significant progress towards gender equality in recent decades, particularly in education, health and female workforce participation. 

Porterallen works closely with its customers to assist in generating unique insights and ideas, creates solutions and allows us to deliver innovation to improve the business and delight our clients.

Here is how Porterallen support your initiatives


  • What is your desired vision and strategy?
  • What are your immediate priorities?
  • What knowledge, skill and processes do you need?
  • Reporting


  • Leverage from Peoplebank‚Äôs WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation 2012 - 2018 (formerly EOWA)
  • Inclusive Job Advertisements
  • Targeted Recruitment
  • Campaigns and Advertising


  • Influence and Confidence
  • Selling Yourself
  • Identify Transferrable Skills
  • Psychometric Testing