Contractor Benefits Program

We are committed to working with our contractors to place them in their ideal roles, assist in managing their careers and providing unique benefits via the Contractor Benefits Program

Car Leasing

Porterallen is one of very few recruitment companies to offer car leasing to PAYG & PTY LTD contractors. We are offering this service in partnership with Autopia, one of Australia's leading car leasing companies with an outstanding reputation in customer service.

For our PAYG contractors, salary packaging a car with a novated lease is a cheap and tax effective way of owning and running a car. Even if you own your car already, Autopia can help save you money.

How much can you save?

The average driver saved $5,089 last year, just by packaging a car with a novated lease, and with Autopia's Monthly Deals you can save thousands on purchase price too.

For PTY LTD contractors, although you are not eligible to take out a novated car lease, Autopia offer a product called GO DRIVE, based on a chattle lease arrangement that is available to you.

Give Autopia a call and find out.

P: 1800 288 674
W: More details:
W: Latest Autopia Deals:

Salary Packaging

Our contractors may be eligible to salary package / sacrifice a range of items including superannuation and other ATO approved items.

If you would like to commence or amend salary packaging of superannuation please click here.

If you would like to enquire about salary packaging of any other items (see list of eligible items in the information document below) then please continue by...

  1. Read the following information – Salary Sacrifice Information
  2. Complete the Salary Sacrifice Agreement form (you will be requested to submit a scanned copy of the tax invoice from the purchased item you wish to package).
  3. NB: external accessories of the devise (i.e. a key board, mouse, covers, external hard drives, warranty, etc) will not form part of salary sacrifice due to ATO regulations.

As per ATO guidelines salary sacrifice cannot be backdated and is set up for work performed. This means that the start of your next pay cycle (next Monday if you are on a weekly cycle) is the first date you may set it up for, and your salary sacrifice will take effect the week after it has been requested to start.

As an example, John signs an agreement on the Thursday to start salary sacrificing from the coming Monday. The pay for that week (commencing Monday) will be processed on the Thursday the week after. This means it takes two weeks from the time when John requested to start his salary sacrifice until he will see it on his payslip.

More Information about salary packaging? If you have further questions, please do not hesitate in contacting the Client & Contractor Services Team on 1300 871 899.

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Visit and register by clicking on the "get access" link under the signing section. You will need your email address and Contractor ID which can be found on your payslip to start saving!