How to be confident at work

Many of us struggle with gaining confidence at work, especially in a new job or role. Here are our eight tips to help you gain confidence when you’re at work (which not only ensures you'll be a great employee but also happier at work)

Have a positive attitude

Look, having a positive attitude is easier said than done. To do this, you will need to start creating small changes in your life that combat negative attributes. We suggest eliminating negative language and implementing self-affirming techniques. A way for you to monitor your emotions and your positive change could be by journaling. Once you modify these thoughts, you will become more accepting, more motivated and more confident. Another option is positive affirmations in the morning, or ‘deciding’ to be grateful and conscious of when you complain and if you can change the things you are complaining about. It’s not possible to constantly be positive but to maintain this kind of attitude most of the time can really help your general well-being and confidence levels.

Dress for success

The idea of dressing for success is a concept that has been around for forever. But what does it mean? A simple way of looking at it is that when you dress in something that makes you feel like you, and something that makes you feel great, you will by consequence, feel more confident. When you have self- assurance based on feeling great, you can be more courageous and sociable which will positively influence your interactions with your colleagues and managers.

Set goals for yourself

Setting goals up for yourself will majorly impact your confidence at work. We recommend creating short term, long term and new skill goals. You will be able to keep track a lot more easily while feeling less pressured. Once you have your goals formed, you will feel a lot more accomplished and ready to attack your work. Plus, when you achieve your goals you’ll be able to give yourself a great pat on the back and acknowledge your efforts and achievements!

Learn new skills 

When trying to gain confidence in the workplace, we always recommend learning new skills. We suggest attending professional development training sessions. The more effort you put into upskilling, the more comfortable and confident you will be in your abilities. We also recommend asking questions. You will show your manager that you are assertive and can use initiative while continuing to learn. When being more assertive, your managers will start to view you in a different light. Next thing you know, you could be up for that big promotion you wanted! 

Identify your strengths

By identifying your strengths, you will be able to find ways to integrate them into your everyday. You will find it easier to engage and feel motivated if you are comfortable and confident in your skills to do your job. You will notice, the more you use your strengths, the more other people will recognise them. Identifying and using your abilities will not only help your confidence at work, but it will also improve your job performance. 

Identify your weaknesses 

Opposite to the previous tip, identifying your weaknesses will allow you to examine, learn and grow. Once you have considered these, you can create plans to reduce and eliminate them. Also, although we recommend this, do not stress over it too much! The more you stress over your weaknesses, the more you will start to become self-conscious. Our goal is to indicate that you should identify your weaknesses and use them to learn and grow.

Challenge yourself 

To keep yourself motivated, you need to continue to learn and grow. Challenge yourself to go out of your way to complete projects you never thought you would. If you fear public speaking, go out of your comfort zone and do it more often. Once you do challenge yourself, you will feel more confident in your abilities to do these tasks. 

Monitor your success

We think it’s important to focus on the positive outcomes of the workday. To do this, we suggest keeping track of your daily accomplishment, successes and rewards. When looking back at your achievements, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and assurance. 

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