Writing the perfect financial resume

Can there be a perfect resume for a specific industry? Doesn’t the work just speak for itself? Well… to an extent. Yes, your experience, skills and knowledge are most important. But there are some ways to create a resume that makes that finance experience stand out and shine bright. Here’s how!

Research the company you are applying for

What exactly is the organisation known for? What are their specialties? What skills would they value based on these answers? What can you offer them? Are they bigger or smaller than your previous workplaces? Could you bring an edge, expertise or your potential? (Or all three?) Research the company and understand what information you can include that is likely to stand out to them on your resume.  Doing the research can make a difference in the way you write your content, especially if, for example they are trying to break into a new market that you have skills or experience in.

Quantify your value

As in any resume, when writing about your experience you have to show the potential employer what you can offer based on what you have delivered at previous workplaces. In finance, numbers matter. And they stand out! So, write about your past achievements in quantifiable amounts wherever it is possible. For example; ‘I achieved an annual cost reduction of $26K due to the identification of unnecessary company expenditure’.

List your skills and certifications

In financial roles, your skills and certifications matter a lot! To have formal qualifications is often a necessity so it should always be mentioned. This not only proves you are qualified officially but it also demonstrates you are a capable learner.

Your skills should be specific to the requirements of the job ad, make sure to include all your skills that match those mentioned in the ad. But don’t fabricate any skills! If you get an interview and are not able to talk on those ‘skills’, you’ll end up looking dishonest and therefore be quickly discounted from making any shortlist.

Cleverly describe where you have worked before

Where you have worked before can be a huge advantage. If you have worked at similar sized companies this is a real bonus and will show them that you can handle the day-to-day in that kind of organisation. You can use numbers here too. Write a short two sentence blurb about the company perhaps including some of their public figures to demonstrate the scale of business you have had experience in.

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