How to refresh your work life in 2020

Are you getting tired of working day in and day out? Does your work life drain you? Are you becoming that grumpy person in the office? Fret not, there are ways to help you turn that attitude around. Here’s some of our ideas!

Learn a new skill or work on different projects

Maybe the issue is that you need some more challenges in your day to day. Mix it up by learning something new or working on something different. It can be helpful to have open, honest conversations with your manager about wanting to upskill or help more in other areas. They can facilitate extra work, different work or relevant training. Learning a new skill and finding new talents can be rewarding and it may invigorate your passion for work when you once more feel confident in your ability to learn and grow.

Ask for a promotion

On that note, maybe it is time for you to have a whole bunch of new responsibilities. Set yourself a goal and prepare to ask for a promotion at your next performance review. There is so much that you are capable of, don’t leave yourself feeling stuck – go for it!

Do something on the side (a hobby or a hustle)

Your office life isn’t your whole life. Make sure to make time for things outside of work that are just for you. A hobby such as a sport, scrapbooking, droning, photography, home renovations, design, art… the possibilities are endless! Just make sure you find something that you enjoy doing and make time for it outside of work. You can even begin a side hustle, become a consultant, contract yourself as an Excel Spreadsheet specialist, or even make your hobby into a hustle by selling artwork or gaming online. Whatever your niche is, lean into it. This is not only fun, but it can be a great way to balance your mind and not let work take up such an enormous part of your thoughts.

Network and meet new people

Networking may seem like the last thing you want to do when in a rut. But it can actually get you out of a bad attitude! Firstly, if you’re a social person, it’s great to connect with new people. If you’re more of an introvert, this can be a small challenge you set yourself. When getting out and about to meet new people in your industry, you can often find inspiration in conversations. You can also network by simply being online and interactive in professional communities such as LinkedIn.  Sometimes just a small spark of passion from others can ignite your own light.

Go for more walks

Too much artificial light, air-conditioning and time sitting in front of a computer is about the least motivating thing we can think of. But we all exist in this setting every day! It’s important to take frequent breaks, have a tea or coffee – walk to the kitchen.  Go get a kombucha or snack – walk to the nearest store. Or, use your lunch break for a proper walk, and find somewhere that gives you a true break in your day. You may start to look forward to these little moments every day, you might also feel happier and more motivated when you do have to be at your desk.

Take a break

If you’ve been working a little too hard or haven’t had a holiday in a really long time, maybe now is the time. It’s amazing how much a short holiday (or a long one) can make a huge difference in motivation levels and general happiness. Firstly, when you book, you instantly have something to look forward to. You also have a set time frame to prepare things for when you’re away! When you’re on holiday you can relax and let work leave your mind completely. After a little while, some people want to go back to work! Especially if you take a break and stay at home or close to home.

Write a gratitude list

If you feel like every week is just the same over and over, start a gratitude diary. You may notice small differences in the diary every week of the things you feel grateful for. Maybe someone got you a coffee you didn’t ask for on Monday, maybe Tuesday was particularly sunny, maybe you were able to get out for a nice walk on Wednesday, maybe on Thursday you were super productive, maybe you had a great conversation on Friday. You can write down more than one thing a day too. This can help to inject a little positivity into each day and eventually every week!

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