How to make the most out of being a contractor

Tailor your hours to your needs

Your individual needs may be different to others. You may want to work less to allow for more work-life balance or so that you can study or look after children. In this case, you can negotiate your hours of work so that you will have sufficient compensation for your lifestyle as well as a work schedule that suits you. If you’re after full-time hours, this is a common requirement of many roles so it will be easy to find the right fit. You may even work an extra hour here or there to earn more. It is well known that contractors can make more per hour or day than permanent workers, especially when your talent or skills are in high demand – use this to your advantage!

Trial working at a company

If you’re usually a permanent employee, trying a contract role can be extremely helpful to see what it is like working for a certain employer. This can help you understand the company culture better before committing to a full-time, permanent role. As a regular contractor, it is beneficial to work at several companies or across several teams. This not only enhances your people skills and helps to navigate working around new and different people, but you also won’t get caught up or stuck in any office politics.

Trial working different roles

A great advantage of contracting is that you can expand into slightly different roles which can expand your knowledge and expertise giving you more opportunities in the future. If you take the chance to try multiple roles in your contracting career you will be sure to find more doors opening for you as you go forward.

Sign up to an agency

An extremely helpful tip for contractors would be this one. The one tricky part about contracting is that there can be times where you go a few weeks without work, waiting for a new role to come up. By working through an agency, you will often be able to transition right into a new role from your last one. Or at least have much less of a break between positions. By working through an agency you not only get the support you need to find the right roles for you but you can also receive certain benefits and support from them so that if you have any concerns during your employment you have someone who can help you resolve them.

Save up

In case you do have a few quiet weeks without work, contracting gives you a wonderful opportunity to save up and hoard funds for these periods of time. As a contractor, it is a good idea to plan ahead and understand your next move, saving money is only part of this process.