What's missing from your resume?

It’s the busiest time of the year for job hunting.

Your resume needs to be perfect in order to stand out from the crowd of job seekers. So, here’s a list of all the things that might be missing from your resume that could make all the difference.

Side projects or volunteer work

Projects outside of your work are able to showcase your skills and your interests just as much as your actual work experience. Volunteer work is just as valuable and can demonstrate initiative, management skills, and the fact you are willing to work hard. These items can also give insight into who you are personally which will make you stand out.

Number values

When applying for a role that specifically concerns sales or hitting some kind of KPI or target, make sure you mention the factual impact you made in your previous positions. There’s no clearer way to demonstrate your value added than to show them numeric values. 

A nice timeline and story

Numbers are important but so is a story. Value can be added in so many other ways. Plus, people connect with a story.  Make sure your work history is clear and in linear order from your relevant education to your most recent position.

Filling in any gaps

If your story has any gaps such as long service leave, maternity leave, or a streak of unemployment make sure to account for that in your timeline and story. For example, instead of mentioning the company you worked for and your position, include the time period and state what you did instead of working. Add dot points to it just like any other position about what skills this part of life helped you to develop.


Include awards! Potential employers will notice how other people appreciated you.

Social media links

Social links or other hyperlinks to your website or blog are extremely helpful for potential employers to gain more insight about you.

A digital friendly layout

Lastly, make sure your resume is optimized to be viewed on a screen as a PDF or in Word. It’s likely that this is how people are viewing your resume. It’s very rare that people will print each one out to go through them (they’ll only print out the shortlist).