23 Questions from a Financial Planning Interview

Financial planning interviews include a lot of standard interview questions however they also include some questions very specific to the role at hand. To be able to prepare yourself for these more tailored questions, we’ve done some investigating and found out some common questions that may come up in your interview.

Firstly, we looked at Glassdoor.

Here is what we found from several companies including big banks as well as smaller financial service organisations.

1. In your opinion, what changes will have the greatest impact on the advice industry in the short to medium term?
2. How will you engage a client in your first meeting?
3. Role play or hypothetical situations such as clients nearing retirement.

Then we searched around a bit more. Other questions could be:

4. What are your preferred wealth management strategies?
What are your processes to stay current on tax and investment laws and regulations?
6. What is your specialisation?
7. Do you specialise in specific stock options?
8. Tell us about your experience with (insert speciality) financial planning.
9. Are you planning on continuous training and classes in financial planning?
10. How many clients have you had in the past? And what is their average portfolio?
What is the average size of the assets you have managed?
How do you choose investments?
How often do you recommend adjusting portfolios?
Tell me what you know about (insert industry-specific name)?

More common and less specific questions will likely involve the following:

15. Please explain your educational background.
What are your certifications?
Why do you want to work for us?
What attracts you to this role in particular?
How do you go about building rapport with clients?
How do you get a client to trust you?
Questions about past performance.
How do you retain your clients?
Describe your management style.

Make sure to answer all questions with honesty and confidence. Depending on your experience level you may not encounter half of these questions. But it’s always wise to be prepared and know how to handle yourself with questions that test both your soft skills as well as your technical ones. Good luck with your interview! We are always a phone call away for interview advice and tips.

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