Paying for a professional resume writer? Don't do it!

It can be tempting to get someone else to write your resume for you. Especially when you’ve applied and applied and applied but had no response. It can get tiring and you start to experience self-doubt, questioning your writing and in particular resume writing skills… but don’t succumb to the ‘easy’ option. For one thing, paying for a professional to write your resume is stupidly expensive for what they do. Secondly, there are other ways to spruce up your resume and make sure you have all the positive qualities that will get you an interview. Here are some tips.

Emulate another resume

Googles Vice President, Laszlo Bock, recommends finding and networking with people who are in the position you would like. When working within an industry it’s not uncommon to make friends in similar roles. When you look at their resume, don’t copy, but match the quality. Look at the way they describe their history and accomplishments. This is the best way to go about landing the job you want with a correctly worded resume.

Insert your personality

Professional resume writers are writing resume after resume which means that many of them will read the same. The resume they will write will be no more outstanding than the next. The best thing you can do is to write a resume in first person. You are telling a story about yourself so use full sentences that describe your experiences and the learning of your skills. Write as you would speak to your colleagues or boss. Don’t write so over the top professional that you sound like a robot. Insert your personality in order to stand out.

Write a cover letter

You can’t get every cover letter professionally written because we all know you should be writing a different one per every application. The same goes for your resume, you have to cater it for each job you go for. So, realistically, a professional resume writer can do the basics for you, but you’ll have to edit over and over anyway. Do you really think you can’t do the basics too? This is why I like to remind people to write a cover letter. It helps with standing out and can add a personal touch. It also shows that you can put in that little extra work to write a document introducing yourself and your resume. Not to mention, if you can write a cover letter you can write a resume.

There is an abundance of resume writing tips on the internet, search for them

The most obvious reason why not to use a professional resume writer is that there is an incredible amount of information on the internet to help you write the perfect resume. It might take a bit more of your time and effort to read through some tips and tricks, but it is well worth it. You’ll have the knowledge for the rest of your life and you won’t be wasting money on a resume that might not even sound like yourself. As overheard in this office (financial recruitment) just a week ago, we don’t care too much about how your resume looks and whether it’s fancy, we just need to know the basic information, in a well-written way.