4 reasons to think about a new career move

Considering a new move in the New Year? Every year we grow as people and every year we understand more about ourselves and our needs. Especially at work! Here are some good reasons to start thinking about a new role.

  • Culture

Sometimes you can enjoy what you do, but not always the environment in which you do it. If the culture of the company you work for clashes too much with your personality, that’s a fair reason to start looking for something better suited to who you are. After all, we spend more time at work than we do at home, you don’t want to wake up every day dreading your destination.

  • Lack of promotions

You work hard, you show consistent results, you ask the right questions and have great leadership skills but still no promotion? Sometimes a company doesn’t always see your personal value. It can be frustrating. The best thing to do is organise a casual meeting with your manager to express your goals and desires to take on more responsibility. If those in charge still hold you back, this is another good reason to start looking for that higher level job elsewhere. But keep in mind, at Porterallen, we encourage employees to stick in a role for between 3-5 years before seeking a promotion or a move because it’s around this time when you provide value to your employer and truly learn your craft.

  • Leadership

Sometimes considering a move can come down to something as simple as bad management. Just like corporate culture, you have to work for and around your leadership teams all day long. No one should have to work somewhere with constant tension and general discrepancies in values that employees are negatively affected by. Leaders have historically motivated employees with fear and some managers are still out there in the world doing things this way, but it’s a dying management strategy and there are many companies moving forward and striving for better leadership.

  • Challenge

Sometimes we just need a new challenge. When jobs become monotonous and boring, work dissatisfaction rises drastically. We can’t always depend on things ‘picking up’ and getting better. When you know what you’re capable of and you’re not fulfilling your potential, your wellbeing can take a downturn. You owe it to yourself in these kinds of situations to find something that challenges and excites you.