Our Purpose

"To make lives better by helping people achieve their goals"

We asked our staff to think about a time in the last 12 months when they felt they made a client's, contractor's, candidate's or colleague's life better. This is what they said..... 

STORY #1 – Gerard Salvador

Every time I place a candidate in their first role in Australia, on a fair, competitive remuneration package, in their field of work. Those are my absolute favourite placements, as I know first-hand what it's like to be an immigrant, arriving to a new country with so many unknowns. The excitement in their voices when receiving an offer, and the smile on their face when I check in on them after starting their new role makes this job that much more worthwhile doing.

STORY #2 – Sarah Magill

I recently assisted a candidate in her job search - she had been working for the one employer for nearly 8 years and hadn't had a pay rise in over 5 years.  I assisted her to secure a position with a client that she loved from the moment she met them (to the point where she cancelled all her other interviews until she heard from them) and assisted her in increasing her salary by $23K.  She cried when I told her the news, and it was 3 days before her birthday as well so was extra special for her.  

STORY #3 – Ryan Halson

I interviewed a candidate who had recently been made redundant. Related to a family member of mine who had gone through the same and understood the impact this can have on an individual’s confidence. Consulted the candidate to improve his interview skills as he had a number of unsuccessful interviews. I met up with him for a second time right before his interview to run through some mock questions and ease his nerves. I never doubted his technical ability, coached him to get him asking the right questions and answering questions with thought. Within 2 weeks we had secured him a permanent role with one of our clients. 

STORY #4 – Cristian Cancino

I placed a Melbourne based contractor in Wollongong, Sydney. I advised her to do a really good job and then ask to have the client let her work from Melbourne and I mentioned to the client the same. The candidate was approved to work from Melbourne and the client and candidate are over the moon.

STORY #5 – Carrie Watts

I try to do this on a daily basis, as an Account Manager it's our job to essentially make our clients lives better, and the same case for contractors and candidates. A recent example was when Fujitsu had a large decommissioning project in December 2016 and required an additional 20+ contractors to assist the current team in Brisbane. I was able to secure and on-board all the additional contractors required and assisted the client with sending through work schedules for all the new additions. My client was slightly stressed knowing what a big job it was and the short turn around, but we made it work.

STORY #6 – Sharon Daly

I was in contact with one candidate for over a year and felt so sorry for her as she struggled to find a good opportunity.  She was constantly having to compete with other candidates and suffered a lot of rejection.  I was delighted to finally not only get her an opportunity but to get her a permanent opportunity and suddenly all the rejections seemed like nothing.  She was so happy and it just brought joy to me to know after all this time it has worked out for her and I was a part of this journey :)